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About Us




We are  passionate design and fabrication professionals who understand  that great joinery (like any item of beauty) is an art form. From conception to composition, our team has a single purpose - to craft spaces in your home, or place of business that you've long dreamed of.


But our work is never one-sided. Our best work is work crafted in collaboration with you, that's where the real magic happens.


The art of joinery has been in our family for generations. Joinery Gallery is our latest incarnation, a fusion of spectacular design with enduring fabrication quality.


Amazing joinery is underpinned by amazing people. Our people, your people. People from all walks of life coming together to craft rewarding outcomes for each other. 

Track Record

You've heard it before, a picture says a thousand words. One look at our portfolio, one view of our testimonials will give you confidence that we're the right partner for your project.


We believe the journey is just as important as the destination. From your initial enquiry to the final product, everything we do is centred on your experience with us. 

Who we work with

Our services are multifaceted, flexible and scalable. Joinery Gallery is proud to work with:


  • ​Architects & Interior Designers

  • Builders & Developers

  • Owner Builders & Home Renovators

  • Construction Management Firms

  • Government

Depending where you sit in the mix, we can manage some or the whole of your project. Talk to us today and see how we can partner you on your next project.


Our Values



For you, your project and your budget. We respect and value the opportunity you've given us to partner you in crafting your special space. 

We're real, we're transparent in everything we do wherever it is done. We welcome feedback in all areas, always seeking to better ourselves.


To challenge ourselves, and to challenge you. To be our best, we continue to seek unfamiliar and unchartered grounds in our industry.

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