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Our Services




Joinery Gallery offers you a unique service offering. 
From 3D concept design to our fully trained and accredited onsite installers, every aspect of your
project is delivered by us in-house. Our investment in people and infrastructure means that control, quality and cost efficiencies are just some of the benefits you'll experience when you work with us.

3D Design Services

The dream you have for your living or working spaces, and our vision for it all comes to life early on in the project. Our designers will digitally craft your project in high definition 3D, so you can experience your final product well before production commences. You can modify, tweak and enhance your designs as many times as required, so you can hit the 'go' button with confidence. From your dream kitchen to a full home fit-out, from office fit-out to retail and hospitality - our designers will create something special for your space.

In-House Fabrication Services

We've invested heavily in technology and fabrication equipment meaning we're in full control of your project, all the time. With a click, our designers transfer your final design straight to our production floor for fast and precise manufacture - all overseen by our highly trained and experienced production team. From cnc machines through to our spray booth, our controlled environment means you get a quality product fast.

Installation Services

Our installation team is involved from the loading of your joinery onto our trucks through to final wipe down and handover to you. The team conducts several location checks prior to installation ensuring minimum impact to you and maximum safety to everyone onsite. Our team is cognisant that we're guests in your space, so respect for you and the job at hand is our number one priority. Our first-class installers are meticulous craftsmen, and don't rest unless the final outcome is nothing short of perfect.

Project Management

We understand, in some instances you may be embarking on a renovation or building project on your own. Going from where you are to where you wish to be can be daunting - often a time of chaos and confusion, but we can help. Coordinating the right trades at the right time is one thing, ensuring the job is done correctly is another. If you are in need of additional assistance on your project talk to us and see how our team can assist you, no matter what your project may be.

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